Peng Song

I Started using Sitecore from its version 5.5. Based in China or Australia, I do enjoy moving ;) After many years working as a Web Developer, I got used to learn new skills and always willing to try something new in my spare time. Big soccer fans, maybe someday you will meet me at the pitch of Botanic Garden/Domain in the weekend~

Start-WebAppPool error when install Sitecore XC 9.1

When try to install Sitecore XC 9.1, there is an error thrown in the powershell screen: ERROR + Start-WebAppPool -Name $appPoolNameERROR start-webitem : The service cannot accept control messages at…

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Quick Fix - Display App Center in Sitecore Admin UI

Everybody know how Silverlight is poorly supported by modern browsers. However Sitecore still use it for its App Center.Well, chop chop, quick…

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Create A Custom Context Menu Using Sitecore Powershell Extension In SXA Within 10mins

When you are using SXA 1.7.1, right click on a site node, you will be able to see a "Add Site Language" option under "Scripts" section. You can add a new language version to your whole site via a…

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